By now, you have heard the news – CBD offers several health benefits. In fact, the CBD industry took off a few years ago and hadn’t stopped growing since. 

Today, countless reports and studies prove how CBD helps with different health issues, ranging from anxiety and fatigue to cancer and epilepsy. People with arthritis, acne, chronic pain, and heart issues can also benefit from CBD. 

As CBD gains more popularity, more and more products are made available, claiming to be the “best,” “fastest-acting,” and “most potent.” With all the options and claims, it may be a bit overwhelming

In the end, the best CBD product is easy for you to implement in your routine and offers the desired results

Your body is made of mostly water. If you think about it, taking a water-soluble CBD product makes sense. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the substance into your system. 

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What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

You may wonder – is water-soluble CBD better than oil-based products? To know for sure, it’s a good idea to learn what water-based CBD is

Water-soluble CBD is still a cannabinoid compound that easily dissolves in water. CBD in an unaltered state is hydrophobic, so it won’t easily mix with water. 

If you take a medicine that won’t dissolve in water, your stomach, liver, or kidneys break down the drug and then send it through the body. If the drug is water-soluble, it will spread through the body faster

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The Top Benefits of Water-Based CBD 

Water-based CBD oil offers several benefits. In fact, it’s one of the most accessible types of CBD available on the market today. Some of the specific benefits offered by water-soluble hemp CBD oil include:


Bioavailability is the rate that your body absorbs a substance. Higher bioavailability levels mean your body can easily absorb something. However, your body must work harder to absorb a product with low bioavailability. 

The easiest way for your body to use something is by dissolving and sending the elements into the water that fills all parts of your body. The more bioavailability an item has, the easier it will dissolve in water. 

With unprocessed CBD, there is a bioavailability of just four percent in some cases. This means you are wasting most of the CBD you ingest if it isn’t water-soluble. However, your body uses around 90% of what you consume with water-soluble hemp oil. 


When you purchase some CBD products, you may not know how much of it you are getting in a single dose. If the CBD has not been evenly mixed in the tincture or another consumable product, the potency you receive will vary. Also, if you vape or smoke it, the dosage will be different based on what you inhale. 

However, it’s possible to measure consistent doses with water-soluble CBD. The small molecules will blend easily and consistently in the water. Shaking the product will provide you with the same amount of CBD in every dose


With water-soluble CBD, you can carry it everywhere you go. You can pull out your dropper and easily mix it into your drinks or food while you are out. It’s a quick and discreet method to help you use CBD consistently without having to change your lifestyle. 

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Tips for Using Water-Soluble CBD

There are a few ways you can take water-soluble CBD. Regardless of what method you choose, make sure you shake the tincture before using it. When you shake it, it will activate the cannabinoids present. It doesn’t matter how you shake it; get the liquid moving around. 


The fastest way your body can absorb medicine is by taking it under the tongue. If you swallow something, it will get into your body slowly and break down in your digestive system. The mucus membrane under your tongue will allow the CBD to avoid the slower digestive process and move throughout the body almost immediately

If you opt for traditional oil-based tinctures, it’s recommended that you keep the substance under the tongue for 60 to 120 seconds. This isn’t the case with water-soluble CBD. You only must do this for about 15 to 20 seconds


Your body can easily absorb water-based CBD products. This means that you can take it by mouth without holding it under your tongue. 


If you don’t like taking medicine or any medicine-like product, adding CBD to your drink is a smart option. When you drink the CBD, you probably won’t even taste it. You will get the benefits without feeling like you are taking medicine.

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Water Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Based CBD

In the past, most CBD tinctures were available as an oil. CBD oil is not a water-soluble product. Most products come with explicit instructions to take the oil-based CBD product with food. Since it is fat-soluble, the fatty acids in your food amplify the bioavailability of the CBD. Because of this, MCT oil is included in many tincture brands. 

In discussing water-soluble CBD vs. CBD oil, many people believe that the water-based product is more easily absorbed and used by the body.

Is Water Soluble CBD Right for You?

If you have ever wondered, “is CBD water-soluble,” now you know. Along with water-soluble CBD tincture, you can also find a water-soluble Delta 8 powder that offers the same benefits

CBD offers an array of appealing benefits. If you have never tried it before or want a product that works better, it may be time to try water-soluble CBD. This will pay off in the long run and ensure you get the desired results from the product you choose. 

Are you ready to experience the benefits of water-soluble CBD for yourself? If so, browse our huge selection of products to find what works for you. 

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