Many people are looking for THC-free CBD products that they can take to help improve their overall health and wellness.

There are a lot of THC-free CBD oil products out there for people to choose from, but what should they look for in them? Are they the same? 

We’ll examine why picking THC-free CBD oil products made from CBD isolate is essential. And how Care Division combines CBD isolate with other natural ingredients to create entourage effects for products focused on people’s everyday health and wellness. 

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Care Division Uses CBD Isolate as the Basis for Their THC-Free CBD Oil Products

All Care Division products are made from CBD isolate, which is pure CBD. Without all the other chemicals and compounds in the cannabis plant, like THC and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Using pure CBD isolate, Care Division then uses the natural synergies between CBD and other botanicals, nootropics, and nutraceuticals to provide custom entourage effects focusing on critical health and wellness aspects.

Care Division CBD uses hemp grown in the USA, making its products in Colorado. We also provide third-party lab testing results for the purity and potency of our products.

Our Handpicked THC-Free CBD Oils for Relaxation and Wellness

We handpicked our THC-Free CBD products that focus on the health issues people face everyday like:

  • Reduce Pain and Inflammation
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Protect Your Mind and Body
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Improve Focus
  • Help With Overall Wellness

We hope you find a THC-Free oil below that helps you with what’s impacting your quality of life today!

Mend - Healing Pain Relief and Inflammation Reducer


We’ve combined CBD isolate and black cumin seed to produce a tincture to help reduce pain and inflammation. Black cumin seed contains thymoquinone, a powerful Ayurvedic that works with CBD to bolster extra-strength pain relief. 

Mend’s simple formula uses simple ingredients that work together to promote tissue repair while it helps reduce aches and pains.

CBD Content:

  • 1,000mg CBD per bottle
  • 1.5mg CBD per drop
  • 33mg CBD per dropper full
  • 30 dropper fulls per bottle

Use this tincture daily to speed-up recovery from workouts, combat aches, and pains, and reduce muscle spasms and inflammation. You can also use Mend as a natural facial serum to combat breakouts!

hill - Anxiety & Stress Relief Tincture


Chill is a blend of herbal ingredients scientifically backed to help elevate your mood and calm your overwhelmed feelings to bring you back into the moment. Chill contains passionflower, a natural sedative that, when combined with CBD, calms you down within moments of taking it.

Chamomile also interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain to reduce anxiety symptoms and promote relaxation, as CBD binds to the receptors to provide long-lasting relief. It also contains Ashwagandha, traditionally used as an adaptogen to help improve the body’s ability to adapt to stress without being negatively affected.

A dropper full of this natural elixir will help combat a range of stressors you come across every day, from traffic to working to unexpected circumstances. Used regularly, Chill can help build up your tolerance to stressful citations.

Dream Night-Time Sleep Aid


Dream is a tincture composed of CBD, GABA, Melatonin, 5-HTP, and other botanicals promoting deep sleep. This botanical blend also has valerian root to provide excellent dream recall and passionflower to help you relax.

CBD Content:

  • 500mg CBD per bottle
  • 1mg CBD per drop
  • 17mg CBD per dropper full
  • 30 dropper fulls per bottle

This all-natural night-time sleep aid will help you fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling rested and ready to go the next morning.

Bodyguard - Immune Boosting Tincture


Bodyguard was designed to protect your body and your mind. This combination of immune-boosting oils not only cranks up your immune system but is also rich in terpenes that, combined with CBD, help to melt away frustration and stress.

Black Seed Oil has antimicrobial properties but also works synergistically with the other oils and terpenes in this formula. Combined, they create an entourage effect throughout your body to help you feel the best you can.

CBD Content:

  • 500mg CBD per bottle
  • 1mg CBD per drop
  • 17mg CBD per dropper full
  • 30 dropper fulls per bottle

Mix this flavorless tincture with your favorite food or beverages to help support stress relief, ease minor aches and pains, or as a part of your daily wellness routine.

Move - Nootropic CBD energy Blend


Move features a powerful combination of nootropics, amino acids, and herbs combined with CBD for clear-headed energy. CBD and L-Theanine help you focus calmly on your task, while Phenylpiracetam and Huperzine-A provide natural stimulation.

Use Move to replace pre-workout supplements or toxic energy drinks loaded with caffeine and other harmful stimulants. 

CBD Content:

  • 500mg CBD per bottle
  • 1mg CBD per drop
  • 17mg CBD per dropper full
  • 30 dropper fulls per bottle

For an excellent midday pick-me-up that supports increased focus & productivity, add Move to your favorite beverage.

Care - Flavorless CBD Oil


Care is a THC-free tincture formulated to be absorbed rapidly, with minimal flavor, to provide maximum versatility in its application. Keeping things simple, we use MCT oil as a carrier, with a dash of vitamin E to maintain freshness.

Use this CBD tincture as part of your daily routine to support stress relief and aid with minor pain and inflammation. 

CBD Content:

  • 2,000mg CBD per bottle
  • 3mg CBD per drop
  • 66mg CBD per dropper full
  • 30 dropper fulls per bottle

Take the time to Care about your body and use this CBD tincture to help with anxiety, skin disorders, and overall health and wellness. 

Gummies 25mg


Enjoy extra strength CBD gummy power with 25mg of CBD per gummy! These fabulous fruit-flavored Gummies provide you with all the benefits of CBD that you can use to boost your daily health and wellness routines

CBD Content:

  • 750mg CBD per jar.
  • 25mg per gummy

Enjoy these tasty raspberry, mango, and lemon-lime flavored gummies made from pure CBD isolate, which are vegan, gluten-free, and third-party tested. 

Carefree - Topical Pain Relief


Carefree is a non-greasy, light CBD cream that helps combat pain and inflammation with a combination of hemp, Vitamin B3, and pain-relieving botanical extracts.  

This exclusive blend includes Szechuan Peppercorn to help dull pain, Chickweed to soothe irritated skin, and Myrrh oil to speed up your body’s natural recovery processes

The 500 mg of this unique CBD formula eases your pain and discomfort.  

CBD Content:

  • 500mg CBD per jar
  • 8mg per dime-sized amount
  • 20mg per quarter-sized amount

Apply Carefree as needed to help quickly relieve your aches and pains. 

Take Advantage of the Healing Properties of THC-Free CBD Oils

THC-free CBD oils made from CBD isolate combined with natural botanicals can produce various entourage effects to help people with their everyday health and wellness. 

Because our products are made from pure CBD, you don’t have to worry about any side effects often found with THC and other compounds in the cannabis plant.

Care Division uses hemp grown in the USA. Our products are made in Colorado in a CGMP facility and are always lab tested for purity and potency.

If you’re suffering from pain and inflammation, insomnia, stress, or aren’t feeling your best, our THC-free CBD oils can help you naturally and holistically start feeling better today!

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