Countless CBD products have started to hit the market over the past several years, from gummies and other edibles to topicals and beauty products, and much more. However, CBD oil seems to be the most popular option for many people, along with CBD tinctures. Various brands and businesses, including Care Division, have developed a wide range of specialized CBD oil formulas to help with everything from pain relief and energy to sleep and immune system strength. 

If CBD oil has recently become part of your regular routine, you may be wondering how to store it. After all, it’s natural to want to keep it usable and effective for as long as possible. Our CBD experts at Care Division are here to explore the best methods you can use and critical factors you need to consider to best store your CBD.

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Three Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Storing CBD Oil

Before we tell you where and how to store your CBD oil, we’d first like to explain the three key elements you’ll need to consider when selecting your storage location. These include;


High temperatures can break down important CBD molecules, compromising the integrity and strength of the oil. Because of this, it’s best to keep your oil stored in a location below 68.8 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius. However, it’s generally not recommended to put your CBD oil in the freezer for long-term storage. Freezing it may degrade its integrity and negatively impact some of the other ingredients in the oil. 


Some types of light- specifically ultraviolet or UV rays- are high-intensity and can cause damage to our skin. However, they can also contribute to the breakdown of CBD, especially over extended periods of exposure. It’s essential to store CBD oil in a dark location where it won’t be exposed to much light to help protect its integrity and prevent it from expiring early.

3. AIR

Air contains a mix of various molecules that can react with CBD, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Oxygen can cause the most negative impacts on the integrity of CBD oil, so it’s best to store it in an airtight container. 

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How Should You Store Your CBD Oil?

With the three factors above in mind, the refrigerator is one of the best places to store your CBD oil to get the most out of its shelf life and help ensure its continued effectiveness. This will provide the oil with a dark, cold, and airtight environment that will help protect the essential cannabinoids and terpenes within the oil. It’s also best to keep the oil in its original container.

However, if you refrigerate your CBD oil, don’t be surprised if it starts to separate into layers since this is natural in cold temperatures. This isn’t an issue and shouldn’t hurt its effectiveness, but you’ll want to shake the container vigorously before every use.

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How Long Can You Store CBD Oil?

Remember that CBD oil won’t last forever and is a perishable product with an expiration date. You’d do well to keep an eye on it, especially if you hang on to the product for long periods and only use it occasionally. If stored correctly- ideally in the refrigerator- many CBD oils will last for about six months. After that, it will likely start to change color and lose its effectiveness, though it should still be safe to use.

Aside from the critical factors of temperature, air, and light, some other elements that will impact the shelf life of CBD oil include its overall quality, ingredients, and the extraction process that was used to collect the CBD. The oil’s packaging can also play a role in whether it has a longer or shorter shelf life. You should also pay attention to the “best by” date of the product and keep an eye out for signs that the oil has gone bad. If the CBD oil smells odd or skunky and is thicker and murky, you’ll know the product has degraded, and it’s time to get a replacement. 

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Quick Tips For Better CBD Storage

Before wrapping up this article, we’d also like to offer a quick list of tips and tricks you can implement for even more effective CBD oil storage.

  1. Always close the bottle well after use to help keep out excess air.
  2. Always keep CBD oil away from potential sources of heat and sunlight.
  3. Always use a clean dropper or spoon to avoid bacteria or other contaminants getting into the container.
  4. Don’t let the dropper touch your tongue, mouth, or other unsanitized surfaces. 
  5. Don’t leave your CBD oil in the car.

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