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Our blend combines CBD with a thoughtfully balanced combination of nootropics, herbs, and amino acids that may promote a sense of clarity and vitality. Move offers a refreshing option that can be used as an alternative to energy drinks, caffeine-loaded pre-workout supplements, and other potentially harmful stimulants before physical activity. It can also serve as a revitalizing option throughout the day.

When added to your preferred beverage, this water-soluble tincture is ideal for enhancing physical performance while supporting increased focus and productivity.

CBD Content:

  • 500mg CBD per bottle
  • 1mg CBD per drop
  • 17mg CBD per full dropper
  • 30 full droppers per bottle

Suggested Use: Add 1-3 full droppers of this water-soluble CBD tincture to your favorite drink to enhance your vitality. Adjust the dosage according to your desired effect, but be mindful not to exceed 6 full droppers per day.

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