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The Sublingual's Bundle

The Sublingual's Bundle

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Why settle for just one when you can have them all? Our bundle offers a comprehensive range of CBD tinctures to support your overall well-being.

Care: This THC-free CBD tincture is formulated for rapid absorption, minimal flavor, and versatility. Use it for minor discomfort or as part of your daily health routine.

Mend: Combining hemp and Black Cumin Seed, this tincture promotes comfort and supports your wellness goals. Use it daily to expedite recovery and enhance your well-being.

Move: This powerful tincture combines CBD with nootropics, herbs, and amino acids to provide vitality and enhanced focus. Ideal for physical performance and increased productivity.

Dream: Blending CBD with botanicals, GABA, Melatonin, and 5-HTP, this tincture helps quiet the mind and promotes restful sleep. Take it to unwind and wake up feeling refreshed.

Each tincture comes in a convenient bottle with specific CBD content per bottle, drop, and dropper full. With a total of 30 dropper fulls per bottle, you can enjoy the benefits of these carefully crafted blends.

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